Package opennlp.grok.expression

Interface Summary
Arg An interface for objects that can be arguments in a category.
Modality A modality that can decorate a categorial slash.
TargetCat A category that can be a target of a curried cat.

Class Summary
AbstractCat Abstract category adapter for CCG categories.
ArgStack A stack of arguments with their associated slashes.
AtomCat The most basic CG category.
BasicArg A basic argument that contains a slash and a category.
CategoryFcnAdapter An adapter for Category Functions so that you only have to implement the methods you want.
ComplexCat A non-recursive representation of complex categories.
Dollar A variable representing a stack of arguments
GSign A CCG sign.
NullArg An null argument.
SetArg A category which contains an unordered set of categories.
SignHash A set of signs.
Slash A categorial slash which has an optional mode associated with it.
SlashMode A mode that can decorate a categorial slash.
VarModality A class for variables which can stand for slash modalities.

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