Package opennlp.grok.grammar

Class Summary
AbstractApplicationRule Super class for application rules.
AbstractCompositionRule Super class for composition rules.
AbstractRule Implements some default behavior for Rule objects.
AbstractRuleGroup Implements default behavior for RuleGroups.
AbstractSubstitutionRule Super class for substitution rules.
AbstractTypeRaisingRule Type-raising, e.g.
BackwardApplication Forward application: X/Y Y => X
BackwardComposition Backward composition, e.g.
BackwardSubstitution Backward substitution, e.g.
BackwardTypeRaising Backward type-raising: X => Y\(Y/X)
CustomRuleGroup A customizable set of rules.
ForwardApplication Forward application: X/Y Y => X
ForwardComposition Forward composition, e.g.
ForwardSubstitution Forward substitution, e.g.
ForwardTypeRaising Forward type-raising: X => Y/(Y\X)
GenericRule The representation of a CCG rule.
StandardRuleGroup The standard set of rules assumed for CCG (though currently lacking Substitution).

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