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VARIABLE_LEXICAL - Static variable in class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.FixedMWEModelReader
VariableMWEModel - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.VariableMWEModel.
A model holding the Fixed Lexicon Multi-Word Expressions.
VariableMWEModel.ModelData - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.VariableMWEModel.ModelData.
VariableMWEModel.ModelData(String[]) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.VariableMWEModel.ModelData
VariableMWEModel.ModelData(String[], int) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.VariableMWEModel.ModelData
VariableMWEModel() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.VariableMWEModel
VariableMWEModelReader - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.VariableMWEModelReader.
A reads a model holding the Fixed Lexicon Multi-Word Expressions.
VariableMWEModelReader(Reader, int) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.VariableMWEModelReader
Constructor for the MWEModelReader object
varIterator() - Method in class opennlp.grok.unify.GSubstitution
varIterator() - Method in class opennlp.grok.unify.EmptySubstitution
VarModality - class opennlp.grok.expression.VarModality.
A class for variables which can stand for slash modalities.
VarModality() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.expression.VarModality
VarModality(String) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.expression.VarModality
VarModality(String, int) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.expression.VarModality
VERB - Static variable in class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.VariableMWEModelReader

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