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Edge - class opennlp.grok.realize.Edge.
An edge is a sign paired with a bitset representing its coverage of the input predicates.
Edge(Sign, BitSet, BitSet, double, double) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.realize.Edge
edgeFactory - Variable in class opennlp.grok.realize.Chart
The edge factory for the realization request.
EdgeFactory - class opennlp.grok.realize.EdgeFactory.
The EdgeFactory is responsible for creating edges.
EdgeFactory(Lexicon, RuleGroup, List, List) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.realize.EdgeFactory
EmailDetector - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.namefind.EmailDetector.
Find emails in a text and mark them.
EmailDetector() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.namefind.EmailDetector
EmptySubstitution - class opennlp.grok.unify.EmptySubstitution.
A Substitution which does not hold any substitutions.
EmptySubstitution() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.unify.EmptySubstitution
EndOfSentenceScanner - interface opennlp.grok.preprocess.sentdetect.EndOfSentenceScanner.
Scans Strings, StringBuffers, and char[] arrays for the offsets of sentence ending characters.
EnglishCatterME - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.cattag.EnglishCatterME.
EnglishCatterME() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.cattag.EnglishCatterME
EnglishChunkerME - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.EnglishChunkerME.
A shallow parser for English (based on POSTaggerME)
EnglishChunkerME() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.EnglishChunkerME
No-arg constructor which loads the English chunker model transparently.
EnglishCommonFixedLexicalMWE - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.EnglishCommonFixedLexicalMWE.
A Fixed Lexicon Multi-Word Expression finder that uses "EnglishCommonFixedLexicalMWE.data" for its content model.
EnglishCommonFixedLexicalMWE() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.EnglishCommonFixedLexicalMWE
Constructor for the EnglishCommonFixedLexicalMWE object, which creates the model.
EnglishFixedLexicalMWE - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.EnglishFixedLexicalMWE.
A Fixed Lexicon Multi-Word Expression finder that uses "EnglishFixedLexicalMWE.data" for its content model.
EnglishFixedLexicalMWE() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.EnglishFixedLexicalMWE
Constructor for the EnglishFixedLexicalMWE object, which creates the model.
EnglishNameFinderME - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.namefind.EnglishNameFinderME.
A Name Finder that uses default English data for its maxent model.
EnglishNameFinderME() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.namefind.EnglishNameFinderME
EnglishPOSTaggerME - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.postag.EnglishPOSTaggerME.
A part of speech tagger that uses a model trained on English data from the Wall Street Journal and the Brown corpus.
EnglishPOSTaggerME() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.postag.EnglishPOSTaggerME
No-arg constructor which loads the English POS tagging model transparently.
EnglishSentenceDetectorME - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.sentdetect.EnglishSentenceDetectorME.
A sentence detector which uses a model trained on English data (Wall Street Journal text).
EnglishSentenceDetectorME() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.sentdetect.EnglishSentenceDetectorME
No-arg constructor which loads the English sentence detection model transparently.
EnglishTokenizerME - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.tokenize.EnglishTokenizerME.
A tokenizer which uses default English data for the maxent model.
EnglishTokenizerME() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.tokenize.EnglishTokenizerME
EnglishVariableLexicalMWE - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.EnglishVariableLexicalMWE.
A Fixed Lexicon Multi-Word Expression finder that uses "EnglishFixedLexicalMWE.data" for its content model.
EnglishVariableLexicalMWE() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.mwe.EnglishVariableLexicalMWE
Constructor for the EnglishFixedLexicalMWE object, which creates the model.
EntriesItem - class opennlp.grok.lexicon.EntriesItem.
Data structure for storing information about a families categories.
EntriesItem(Element, String) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.lexicon.EntriesItem
equals(FeatureStructure) - Method in class opennlp.grok.unify.GFeatStruc
equals(Object) - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.VarModality
equals(Object) - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.SetArg
equals(Object) - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.NullArg
equals(Object) - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.Dollar
equals(Object) - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.ComplexCat
equals(Object) - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.AtomCat
equals(Object) - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.AbstractCat
equals(Object) - Method in class opennlp.grok.unify.GFeatVar
equals(Slash) - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.Slash
equals(SlashMode) - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.SlashMode
EscapeContinuation - exception opennlp.grok.util.EscapeContinuation.
A way to return to a specific place in a search.
EscapeContinuation() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.util.EscapeContinuation
eval(Map) - Method in class opennlp.grok.ml.dectree.DTreeSymbolCondition
eval(Map) - Method in class opennlp.grok.ml.dectree.DTreeRule
eval(Map) - Method in class opennlp.grok.ml.dectree.DTreeContinuousCondition
eval(Map) - Method in interface opennlp.grok.ml.dectree.DTreeCondition

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