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Cache - class opennlp.grok.util.Cache.
Implements a cache parameterized by size and associativity.
Cache(String, int, int) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.util.Cache
cat - Variable in class opennlp.grok.util.SlashCatPair
CategoryFcnAdapter - class opennlp.grok.expression.CategoryFcnAdapter.
An adapter for Category Functions so that you only have to implement the methods you want.
CategoryFcnAdapter() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.expression.CategoryFcnAdapter
CatEventCollector - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.cattag.CatEventCollector.
An event generator for the maxent NameFinder.
CatEventCollector(Reader) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.cattag.CatEventCollector
cathash - Static variable in class opennlp.grok.lexicon.EntriesItem
A mapping from qualified names to entries items.
CatHashSet - class opennlp.grok.util.CatHashSet.
A set that contains categories.
CatHashSet() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.util.CatHashSet
CatHashSet(CatHashSet) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.util.CatHashSet
CatHashSet(List) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.util.CatHashSet
CatList - class opennlp.grok.util.CatList.
A list that contains categories.
CatList() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.util.CatList
CatList(Category) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.util.CatList
CatList(Category[]) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.util.CatList
CatList(List) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.util.CatList
CatReader - class opennlp.grok.expression.CatReader.
CatReader() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.expression.CatReader
CatStack - class opennlp.grok.util.CatStack.
A stack that contains categories.
CatStack() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.util.CatStack
CatStack(CatStack) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.util.CatStack
CatterME - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.cattag.CatterME.
Tags words with a category (from categorial grammar) based on their surrounding contexts and a maximum entropy model.
CatterME() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.cattag.CatterME
CatterME(MaxentModel) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.cattag.CatterME
cg - Variable in class opennlp.grok.preprocess.cattag.CatterME
The feature context generator.
cg - Static variable in class opennlp.grok.preprocess.namefind.NameFinderME
The feature context generator.
Chart - class opennlp.grok.parse.Chart.
An implementation of the table (or chart) used for chart parsers like CKY.
Chart - class opennlp.grok.realize.Chart.
The chart manages the creation of edges.
Chart(EdgeFactory) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.realize.Chart
Chart(int, RuleGroup) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.parse.Chart
ChunkerContextGenerator - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.ChunkerContextGenerator.
A context generator for the Shallow Parser.
ChunkerContextGenerator() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.ChunkerContextGenerator
ChunkerContextGenerator(MorphAnalyzer) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.ChunkerContextGenerator
ChunkerEventCollector - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.ChunkerEventCollector.
An event generator for the maxent Shallow Parser.
ChunkerEventCollector(Reader) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.ChunkerEventCollector
ChunkerEventCollector(Reader, ContextGenerator) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.ChunkerEventCollector
ChunkerME - class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.ChunkerME.
A shallow parser that uses maximum entropy.
ChunkerME() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.ChunkerME
ChunkerME(MaxentModel) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.ChunkerME
ChunkerME(MaxentModel, ContextGenerator) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.ChunkerME
CKY - class opennlp.grok.parse.CKY.
CKY is a chart parser that is used, in this case, with the CCG grammar formalism.
CKY(Lexicon, RuleGroup) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.parse.CKY
CKY(String, String) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.parse.CKY
class constructor: sets lexicon and rules
clear() - Method in class opennlp.grok.io.Festival
clear() - Method in class opennlp.grok.unify.GFeatStruc
clear() - Method in class opennlp.grok.util.Cache
close() - Method in class opennlp.grok.io.Festival
combine(int, boolean) - Method in class opennlp.grok.realize.Chart
Adds to the chart by iteratively moving an edge from the agenda to the chart, creating new edges for the agenda by applying available rules, while updating the best edge found so far, until done, or until the time limit (if any) is reached, or until the first complete edge is found (if beyond the time limit, and according to the given flag).
complete() - Method in class opennlp.grok.realize.Edge
Returns whether this edge has completeness 1.0, ie, covers all the input preds.
completeness - Variable in class opennlp.grok.realize.Edge
The completeness percentage.
COMPLETENESS_AND_COMPLEMENTARITY_WEIGHTING - Static variable in class opennlp.grok.realize.Realizer
Completeness and complementarity edge weighting.
COMPLETENESS_ONLY_WEIGHTING - Static variable in class opennlp.grok.realize.Realizer
Completeness only edge weighting.
ComplexCat - class opennlp.grok.expression.ComplexCat.
A non-recursive representation of complex categories.
ComplexCat(Element) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.expression.ComplexCat
Constructor which retrieves the complex category from the XML element.
ComplexCat(TargetCat, Arg) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.expression.ComplexCat
Constructor with target and single arg.
ComplexCat(TargetCat, ArgStack) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.expression.ComplexCat
Constructor with target and arg stack.
ComplexCat(TargetCat, ArgStack, LF) - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.expression.ComplexCat
Constructor with target, arg stack and LF.
compute(Object[], DTreeFeatureMap) - Method in interface opennlp.grok.ml.dectree.DTreeFeatureComputer
condense() - Method in class opennlp.grok.unify.GSubstitution
contains(FeatureStructure) - Method in class opennlp.grok.unify.GFeatStruc
contains(Object) - Method in class opennlp.grok.util.GrokSet
containsContrarySlash() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.SetArg
containsContrarySlash() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.ArgStack
containsDollarArg() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.ComplexCat
containsDollarArg() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.ArgStack
containsSetArg() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.ComplexCat
containsSetArg() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.ArgStack
Continuation - interface opennlp.grok.util.Continuation.
convertAnnotatedString(String) - Static method in class opennlp.grok.preprocess.cattag.CatEventCollector
convertAnnotatedString(String) - Static method in class opennlp.grok.preprocess.namefind.NFEventCollector
convertAnnotatedString(String) - Static method in class opennlp.grok.preprocess.postag.POSEventCollector
convertInputLine(String) - Static method in class opennlp.grok.preprocess.chunk.EnglishChunkerME
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.VarModality
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.SlashMode
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.Slash
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.SetArg
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.NullArg
copy() - Method in interface opennlp.grok.expression.Modality
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.GSign
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.Dollar
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.ComplexCat
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.BasicArg
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.AtomCat
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.ArgStack
copy() - Method in interface opennlp.grok.expression.Arg
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.AbstractCat
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.lexicon.MorphItem
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.unify.GFeatVar
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.unify.GFeatStruc
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.util.SlashStack
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.util.SlashList
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.util.CatStack
copy() - Method in class opennlp.grok.util.CatList
copy(Object) - Static method in class opennlp.grok.unify.UnifyControl
copyWithout(int) - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.SetArg
copyWithout(int) - Method in class opennlp.grok.expression.ArgStack
copyWithout(int) - Method in class opennlp.grok.util.CatList
createInitialEdges() - Method in class opennlp.grok.realize.EdgeFactory
Returns all lexical edges that cover some of the input semantics.
createNewEdges(Edge) - Method in class opennlp.grok.realize.EdgeFactory
Returns all edges that can be created by applying a unary rule to the given edge or by combining it with a purely syntactic edge.
createNewEdges(Edge, Edge, boolean) - Method in class opennlp.grok.realize.EdgeFactory
Returns all edges that can be created by combining the given edges, with one or both directions tried according to the given flag.
createResult(Chart, int) - Method in class opennlp.grok.parse.CKY
createXmlElement() - Method in class opennlp.grok.lexicon.MorphItem
CustomRuleGroup - class opennlp.grok.grammar.CustomRuleGroup.
A customizable set of rules.
CustomRuleGroup() - Constructor for class opennlp.grok.grammar.CustomRuleGroup

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